Sold out!! Earth Stories Puzzle

Puzzle Size: 48 x 68 cm

Pieces: 1000

$60 + postage

Postage will be $15, if outside of the ACT, Australia.

Free delivery to Addresses or pickup within the ACT.

International postage price, standard $36. sorry it's so pricey)

Please note, This puzzle may take up to 1 month to arrive. Because this puzzle is currently in very limited numbers,  puzzles are practically made on-demand.

POD (puzzles on demand) ;D


From the feedback I've received from keen puzzlers, This puzzle is very high quality and the colors are vibrant! 

Also, I plan to make some children friendly puzzles in the future, but for now, this puzzle is quite the challenge, so be warned. ;)

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or email me to arrange a bank transfer,

earth-stories puzzle-1000.jpg