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Canberra artist, Paul Summerfield.


For 15 years Paul has been creating elaborate digital artworks that challenge, inspire and amaze his audiences. The worlds he creates project the imagination, hopes and fears of his subjects into the landscapes they inhabit, creating technologically modern environments entangled with primitive projections of their natural worlds. This combination of technology and nature creates a unique hopeful reality with moments of serene beauty as well as implausible dystopian and utopian realities.


 Paul’s work brings together elements of steampunk, surrealism, and romanticism in a pop style that is original and totally identifiable. It challenges us to think outside of our historical industrial aesthetic to a future in which the uninhibited human imagination can realise its ultimate expression.


Technically, Paul is a master of digital illustration, sometimes producing vector images that are infinity scalable with mind-bending and painstaking detail. His larger works are drawn by hand (using a tablet and digital stylus) and can take years to create. His works have been shown in 6 solo and many group exhibitions as well as pop-up exhibitions such as the Enlighten Festival. Over the years his art form has been applied to book illustrations, bus wraps, botanical drawings, street art, wallpaper murals, multimedia installations and of course, major limited edition printed works.

Paul’s style has evolved consistently over his career, refining his core themes while delving into ever greater elaboration and detail.


Written by Jon Sibley

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